CIU’s Super Secret Clubs


You probably created super secret clubs as a kid. The best super secret clubs were the ones that people never knew about! People may have been clueless to your struggle against the evil creatures known as “Girls” when you were in the HeManWomanHaters club. Your own mother may have never known that you conquered kingdoms in the chess club. Perhaps, your best friend never knew that you were in the writer’s club. The greatest thing about super secret clubs is that they allow people to team up, have fun, and use their talents.   

That’s why I love how CIU allows students to team up, have fun, and use their talents in their own super secret clubs. One super secret club is the Student Senate. An organization clouded in darkness. Not because it’s corrupt or evil, but because nobody’s actually sure what they do. I think they represent the student body and fight for change. Then there are the mysterious “class officers.” They don’t arrest people like policemen, but they do have code names. These code names are not very intimidating or original, but they are called “President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.” My detective skills have deduced that they represent the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes of CIU.  The CIU Players is a secret club that was formed three semesters ago. These “players” are not a bunch of guys who manipulate women. These are female and male CIU students who team up to display their acting talents through theatrical plays. The Pilgrim’s Protest is another mysterious group. People often wonder what they are actually protesting and accuse them of dressing up like pilgrims. But the Pilgrim’s Protest is a team that expresses controversial opinions and thoughts about CIU life, CIU events, world events, culture, or about our own walk with God.

There are many more super secret clubs at CIU that I don’t have time to tell you about. You’ll have to investigate their existence for yourself. However, all these organizations enable students to be apart of CIU. They allow students to team up, have fun, and use their talents for God’s glory. And even if nobody finds out about you being in a CIU secret club, God knows and will reward you for bringing Him glory through them.

-Aaron Sobey

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