CIU Preview Days: Helping People Avoid Stupid Decisions

There are some stupid decisions everyone should avoid. For example, jumping blindfolded into a swamp full of hungry alligators. Raising a stick in the air at a bank while yelling, “This is a stickup!” Or, suddenly leaving home to attend a college that you don’t know anything about. 

That’s why CIU has Preview Days. Preview Days help people avoid stupid decisions. Last Thursday night through Friday afternoon, prospective students previewed CIU’s social, educational, and spiritual life. Prospective students spent time with their “host student,” as current students showed potential students around campus and gave them a room to sleep in for the night. Prospective students experienced some of the social atmosphere of CIU by participating in a reenactment of the board game Clue with current students. Current CIU students decorated the classrooms of the Fisher Building and were clothed in costumes to give the event a Clue-like feel.

Prospective students learned about the different programs and majors at CIU from faculty and staff. Potential students and their parents had the opportunity to meet with admissions counselors to receive direction on which major might mesh best with their God-given passions and abilities. Prospective students worshipped God and learned from His Word with us in chapel. Potential students attended classes. Possible students heard from financial services about potential scholarships and financial aid that CIU can provide to help them come to school here.

Preview Days provide prospective students with the knowledge of CIU’s social, educational, and spiritual life. Potential students can know what we’re about and receive clarity about whether God wants to use CIU to equip and change their lives. There are some stupid decisions to avoid. Attending a preview day isn’t one of them.

-Aaron Sobey


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