A Constant Battle

When I think back on my middle and high school years, it’s hard to avoid the topic of insecurity.  It’s scary how easy it was to believe that my value was based on how many friends I had, what kind of clothes I wore, and whether or not boys found me attractive.  Living that way is a vicious, enslaving cycle – you can never be skinny enough, pretty enough, or cool enough.

As much as I’d like to believe insecurity is a thing of the past, something that magically disappeared when I got my high school diploma, the truth is that I still struggle.  I compare myself with others to see if I measure up.  I want to be loved, needed, and accepted.  It’s a challenge to believe what God has to say about me in His Word.

That’s why I’m excited about Worthy: An Event for Young Women, scheduled for September 8 in Charlotte.  Debby Jones, wife of CIU president Dr. Bill Jones, will be sharing what the Bible says about our self-worth and how to become the women God designed us to be.

Whether you just started middle school or have a college degree, I hope you’ll join me on September 8 as we expose the lies and discover the truth about our self-worth.

For more information, including details about a buy one get one free ticket deal, click here.

-Abbey Le Roy

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