Discovering the Mission of God

What is God's Mission in the world? For anyone passionate about discovering God's heart for the nations, Discovering the Mission of God will reveal his plans for you. Written by twenty-first-century field workers, scholars and church leaders, this book weaves together the basic components of God's global mission and challenges readers to identify where they fit in the mission of God.

Discovering the Mission of God explores the mission of God as expressed in the Bible, throughout church history and in cutting-edge best practices being used around the world today. Drawing from a new generation of scholar-practitioners, this comprehensive reader provides global perspective, recent missiological research, case studies, recommended further readings and relevant discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Contributors include: Jerry Rankin, Ed Stetzer, Christopher Wright, John Piper, William J. Larkin, Clyde Meador, Scott Moreau, and many others.