An End to the Madness

The beginning of April marks the end of every college basketball fan’s paradise – March Madness.  Three weeks of round the clock games, bracket predictions, junk food, heartbreaking upsets, top-seeded domination, and sleep deprivation.  What’s not to love?

My favorite part of March Madness is the thrill of a comeback.  Once in a while I’ll even stop cheering for the team I want to win and root for a comeback instead.  Watching a tough come-from-behind win never gets old – even when it busts my bracket.

The men’s and women’s national championships were played on Monday and Tuesday night respectively, bringing a close to this year’s tournament.  While the Kentucky men and Baylor women enjoy their spots at the top, the rest of us will be waiting to do it all over again next year.  Who knows - maybe one day we'll be cheering the Rams through the field of 64!

-Abbey Le Roy

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