The Ever Fluctuating Balance

As I stand at the door of my last semester at CIU, I, of course, feel mixed emotions. I am looking forward to transitioning out of this stage of life and using what I've learned here in the world; yet it is sad to leave the very place that God used to grow and equip me.

I've been thinking about where I want to focus this last semester. I feel pulled in so many directions!

I feel compelled to draw as much as I can from chapels, a blessing that I have grown to appreciate more and more during my four years here.

I desire to soak up as much knowledge as I can in my classes, a place where I am welcome to share, question, debate and be wrong.

I want to intentionally pour into others, knowing that I'll never have all of these people together in one place. I want my freshman girls to learn from my mistakes and my victories and make better choices in light of them.

I desire to learn personally from my professors and mentors on campus, people that have walked with the Lord longer than I have and know His faithfulness.

I want to take advantage of this college environment in the fullest sense: intramurals, Acousta, Junior/Senior, late night fast food runs and harmless pranks.

This list is overwhelming! I then remember something I was once told and am still learning: "Allow the Lord to lead you every single day in the steps you should take."

There is no hard and fast answer to how to spend my time; too much focus in one of these areas will result in neglect of another. I have to ask the Lord to speak to me and show me how to balance my precious final semester at CIU. One week will require more time in one area than another.

This balance is ever fluctuating, but it is always controlled by the Lord. Thank you Father!

Alex Dugas

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