God Grows Things

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One of the classes required for all CIU students is Progress of Redemption.  Dr. Layman teaches the course, and in it he goes through the Bible twice – once looking at what God is saying and the second time to study what God is doing.  

Two principles from that class have stuck with me since taking it online over a year ago.  

God grows things is the first, and second, God is not in a hurry.  

These principles are illustrated countless times throughout Scripture.  God’s timetable is not ours – He is working from and for eternity; His purposes are eternal.  And He grows things.  Dr. Layman uses the growth of a tree to describe this process.  A seed is planted, but an oak tree doesn’t appear overnight…or even in a week, month, or year.  

This, says Dr. Layman, is comparable to our sanctification. It is a process, and processes take time.  With this concept in mind, it is easy to look through the Bible and find examples of men and women who are processing developmentally in their relationships with the Lord.  Many of these Bible characters are our heroes.  

It relieves me to be reminded of these principles and there is an incredible sense of freedom that comes with the realization that God grows things and He’s not in a hurry. 

Written by: Abbey Le Roy, MA in Theological Studies from CIU's Seminary and School of Ministry

"Give us this day our daily bread." Matthew 6:11