Gods of Power

Christians have to know they are at war with "gods of power." Nowhere are people free from the onslaughts and the deception perpetrated by powers of darkness. Animism in its myriad forms and expressions infects every human structure. It is Satan's master plan to keep people from walking by faith with the God revealed in the Bible.

The Church is being challenged on all fronts. But that is nothing new. The powers of darkness are constantly at work, alienating man from anything and anyone which may bring him into a dynamic relationship with the God of the Bible. Their aim is to dehumanize humanity and ultimately to destroy mankind. The challenge to the Church is to ruse us, to use the weapons placed at its disposal by God Himself, and to expose all powers as no-powers before the Lord of the Church.

The gods of power are many, but they do not have authority. The Church has a delegated authority to continue the work initiated by Jesus Christ, and to call to account all powers, and to declare and demonstrate that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God. This book shows how that is to be accomplished.

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