Got Balance?

We all respond to busyness and the stress that comes from a full schedule differently.  Some cave under pressure while others come alive as more is added to their plates.  Honestly, at different times I can identify with both types of people.

Having said that, at every busy (or even semi-busy) point in life, I struggle with one thing: balance.  There is school, school activities, church, work, family, friends, and more.  Within each of those categories there are things like homework, quality time, deadlines, small groups, and appointments.  As my level of busyness increases, the balance is often thrown off and sleep, exercise, and alone time fall by the wayside.

Something I’ve been learning recently is that if I can’t live a self-controlled life when I’m not busy, then when things start to pile up I have no reason to believe I’ll be able to pull off any semblance of balance.  On the other hand, developing healthy habits – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally…you name it – when life is moving at a slower pace will provide for much more stability when your schedule is full.

As we finish out the summer, let’s build healthy behavior into our lifestyles so that when the pressures of a new semester are upon us we have something positive to fall back on.  And if that doesn’t work, a midnight Taco Bell run helps just about anything…just kidding.

-Abbey Le Roy

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