Guard your heart!

How many times have you heard the above phrase? "Guard your heart!"

I'm sure that we ALL, especially us ladies, have heard that at least a million times in our lives. Most of the time, we think of it as guarding our hearts against having feelings for someone, to not let it consume us, and to keep our eyes on Christ. I do think that this verse can apply to that, but a picture I saw the other day totally blew my mind and perspective on the verse in Proverbs that talks about this. (Proverbs 4:23)

It was a lady standing in front of a well that said "Life" and the bucket above the well was her heart, coming towards her was Satan with a garbage can FULL of fear, doubt, and sin. The lady is saying "Hold up! You can't dump that garbage here! I have to drink from this well!"

Before, I used to quote this verse when it came to a guy I was interested in magically walking into my life, but now I think I really get what that verse is about. Yes, we do need to be careful to not let feelings consume us but most importantly, we need to guard our hearts against fear, doubt, and sin - because it causes us to get our eyes off of God! Fear and doubt are definitely not from God, and sin is not either.

We need to give up the fear of being out of control, the doubt that God isn't working, and the sins of fear and doubt!

It's incredible how one simple picture can change our perspective on something we were so set on for so long!

In Christ,
Damaris Bruce

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