Intro to World Religions

I'm taking Intro To World Religions this semester and I absolutely LOVE that class. Not only does it inform me and educate me on many other world religions, it makes me so thankful for choosing to follow Jesus Christ every day.

All of the religions we have studied so far have so many rules, rituals, and regulations. I definitely admire their dedication because some of the religions are very dedicated to worshipping their gods, waking up at crazy hours to pray, and the respect they have for other people, but their religion says "Do this, do that, THEN you'll reach success!" but with Christianity, our sin and suffering was paid for on the Cross and that was it, done and finished.

All of the gods in other religions are very impersonal and not a part of their lives, but with Christianity, God is living, He is real! Omnipresent, all powerful, all knowing like ahhhh! It just BLOWS my mind how intimate God is with us and how often we take it for granted. 

Something I'm going to try over the next few months is when I'm 5 minutes away from my destination, I'm going to try turning off the radio and just talk to God - thank Him for what He's done, talk to Him about what's on my heart, etc, etc. I don't want to die not having taken advantage of building an intimate and personal relationship with my Creator, I want to have taken every moment and thought captive before Him, laying it at His feet, spending time with Him and in His Word.

In Christ,
Damaris Bruce

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