Liquid Energy

It’s 10 AM on Monday morning, and I just finished my second cup of coffee. I smirked as I remembered this time a year ago, when I would have absolutely refused an offer to a cup.

Of course a year ago, I had not encountered the task of my junior year at CIU, and did not realize how much I would need the caffeine to get me through. With a full class load, a part time job, a student organization to lead, practicum hours to complete and a weekly Bible study to prepare for, I had my hands full. And thus, gave in.

I waved my white flag, admitted my weakness, and reached for the coffee pot.

I had always promised that I wouldn’t give in to the coffee trend. What I didn’t realize was that coffee isn’t a trend…it’s a necessity for me. After a short night of sleep, there is no way my eyes are opening or my brain is functioning without the stuff. Whether or not the caffeine is actually waking me up or my brain is just conditioned to do so with the first few sips, I embrace my weakness and satisfy my craving.

So as I enjoy the last few drops of my brew, I thank God for the little things.

What about you? Is there anything that helps you get through your day?

- Alex Dugas

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