Live Out Our Calling

As the semester is wrapping up, many of my professors are giving some great final lectures. Today in class, my professor asked us to consider what our callings are. I started thinking about how some people are called to work with orphans, the impoverished, the affluent, unreached people groups, etc. Some people are called to certain countries. I then felt somewhat disappointed because I don't lean a certain way in any of these areas. I thought, "Am I not listening to the Holy Spirit intently enough?"

She must have known that our minds were wandering. She challenged my idea of "calling" when she reminded the class of Matthew 28:19-20. Simply put, the command says: Go, make disciples, baptize them and teach them what I've taught you. This is the calling for EVERY Jesus follower.

I'm not given a mystical sign, a smoke signal or audible words from heaven. I'm given a command in human words that I understand (which is miraculous enough!) The Holy Spirit's role is to then supernaturally grant me grace to do what I cannot do naturally, whether that be teaching, counseling or serving.

I do not want to discount the role of the Holy Spirit in our "callings," but my professor challenged us to name this guidance exactly that: guidance or direction to a certain audience, environment or country.

I was encouraged by today's lecture. I have been called, as a follower of Jesus Christ, to tell others about Him and teach them to walk in a way that glorifies Him. Are you ready to live out OUR calling?

-Alex Dugas

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