More Questions Than Answers

One of the aspects I most appreciate about my time at CIU is the opportunity I’ve had to learn from the theological persuasions of classmates.  While CIU does a great job emphasizing its core value of Evangelical Unity, there is also room for discussion among brothers and sisters in Christ.  Often these discussions stimulate further thought and scripture searching which benefit me intellectually and strengthen me spiritually.

An example of one such dialogue was in class this morning.  A fellow classmate shared the above video as part of a presentation, and we had a little bit of time to discuss different perspectives on the issue.  Although it is impossible to know with certainty the answers to our deepest theological questions, there is value in learning to listen with humility and to respond in grace.

It is likely that I will leave CIU with more questions than answers, but I pray that over the past four years I have gained a willingness to learn from other believers and a heart that is bursting at the seams with awe for a God I can’t fully comprehend.

-Abbey Le Roy

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