Music and Truth

I probably don’t need to comment on the power of music.  It’s used therapeutically and motivationally in countless ways on a daily basis.  Is there a certain song you listen to or station you flip to on a bad day?  What playlist is your favorite when you want to exercise?  Those are just a couple examples, not including music that gets played in stores, music for relaxation, and music to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Most recently, I find myself gravitating to music to remind myself of truth.  Particularly, the song “One Thing Remains” has been a continual reminder of God’s constant, unfailing love – a relevant source of encouragement in a world full of change and disappointment.  As I listen to it, I am both proclaiming and reminding myself of the reality of God’s love – it’s an “I believe; help my unbelief” sort of experience (Mark 9:24).

I don’t know the role music plays in your life, but I encourage you to let hymns and doctrinally-sound contemporary worship songs remind you of truth and encourage your heart today.

-Abbey Le Roy

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