My Hope America

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"I have had the privilege of preaching the Gospel on every continent … And I have found that when I present the simple message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with authority, quoting from the very Word of God—He takes that message and drives it supernaturally into the human heart." Billy Graham

Almost one month ago, on November 7, Billy Graham celebrated his 95th birthday and told a watching world about the hope he has in Jesus. The Cross, a video featuring testimonies from Billy Graham, Lecrae, and Lacey Sturm was shared on Nov. 7, in an effort to reach people across America with the message of Jesus Christ. The response: incredible, the message: timeless, and the need for a Savior: more real than ever.

The Gospel is always relevant and is essential for life today and life eternal. It's not too late to tell someone about YOUR hope in Jesus. Invite a friend over for dinner, out to lunch, or to coffee. Share this video with them and tell them about YOUR HOPE in Jesus.   

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