A New Month

I like new chapters in life. New chapters come in all sizes, big and small. So when a new month rolls around, I get excited about this new (small) chapter, because it’s different than the day before.

It is now July 2012. My first thought is, “Where has the time gone?” My summer began 7 weeks ago and I now have 5 left. Because I am type A, I also thought about all the things I thought I would have finished by now… and don’t. I thought I would have made more progress in my online class, more cool recipes conquered and more crafty projects finished. But then I remember the ways I have grown and learned from my Father – and the sweet time I have had with Him.

On another note, I have a lot to look forward to this month. This weekend I’m going home to see friends and family; I’m looking forward to drinking coffee with my mom in the mornings and working in the garage with my dad.

I also turn 21 this month. My friends joke that I always want to be older than I am, and I’ve realized I do often have that mentality! But lately I’ve seen the value in being content where I’m at. Nonetheless, I’m excited about a new year.

My boyfriend Christian turns 21 as well. I think I’m more excited about his birthday than mine; I like celebrating people I love and watching them have a good time!

At the end of the month, I will witness the wedding of two dear friends of mine, Izzy Markle and Rebekah Floro. I am challenged by their love for each other and proud to stand with them as they take this step together.

When I look at this month and what I have to look forward to, I thank the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness to me. Though much will happen that I cannot predict or plan for, I resolve to praise Him all the same. Happy July!

-Alex Dugas

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