No Longer Forbidden To Dance

Dancing can solve your problems. Do you frequently find yourself dancing to music while you are still asleep? Simply dance in the daytime. You don’t know how to study for your philosophy test? Establish a “Study Group” and just start dancing! Are you in the midst of a grizzly bear attack? Dance with it and see what happens!

Dancing might not solve these problems, but CIU students now have the opportunity to dance. Since the beginning of CIU’s existence, dance was forbidden. It was against standards. That is, until recently. Recently, the rule was adjusted so that CIU students may now dance at CIU events. If there is a CIU sanctioned event, and the people want to dance, then they merely have to get it approved by specific authority figures on campus.  

Even though extremely bad dancers should probably be forbidden from dancing, everyone can dance at “Dance Approved” CIU events. This change reminds students that CIU has the ability to change. CIU can respond to people’s criticism and suggestions, while refusing to compromise in its commitment to know Jesus and to make Him known. So whether you’re a CIU student, a prospective CIU student, or just someone reading this blog, you have the ability to dance whenever you want. Just make sure you get permission first.

-Aaron Sobey


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