Reflection on New Year's

Something I've noticed is how quickly people want to get rid of the year as soon as New Year's rolls around.....they seem to focus and remember only the negative events of the year, instead of remembering and looking at how truly blessed they are, how God worked in their lives through the good AND the bad, and so on and so forth.

This is definitely hard for me to say because this past year has been one of ups and downs, I still can't believe that my freshman spring semester and sophomore fall semester were in the same year, I've changed A LOT since then and continue to see God working in my life and changing me because I've allowed Him to.

Instead of focusing on how awful your past year was, I challenge you to focus on how gracious God has been to you. How He has blessed you beyond measure and be excited for what He is going to do for you in 2012.

In Christ,

Damaris Bruce

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