Remembering What Easter Is All About

When I was young, my children’s church celebrated Easter through Easter egg hunts. A great battle for plastic Easter eggs filled with candy was waged. Intense faces and raging emotions characterized the children. Blood was spilt, teeth were lost, bones were shattered, and muscles were torn. At least, that’s what it seemed like. Good Friday was pretty good, because my Christian elementary school canceled classes. It was easy to forget what Easter was all about.  

The world seems to elevate the Easter egg bunny as the only reason why we celebrate Easter. Parents and children may be tempted to glorify candy as the reason for Easter. Children may look at all the candy they receive and think of Easter as Halloween Part 2. But candy, beautiful weather, and fancy Easter service church clothes shouldn’t distract us from what Easter’s all about.

We must not become calloused to what Jesus did for his through his death and resurrection. I heard a true story recently of a Kindergarten girl who was shocked, horrified, and saddened by hearing how mean men killed Jesus. Jesus was so nice, but those men were so mean to do that to him. It was so unfair! But the Kindergartener practically leaped for joy when she heard that Jesus came back to life three days later.

When was the last time we reacted to the Easter story like that girl? Are we still heartbroken by the unfair treatment Jesus endured? When was the last time we wept at Jesus’ love that he poured out for us on the cross? Have you leapt for joy recently when you remembered that Jesus is alive? Jesus isn’t dead. He’s alive! That’s why I’m so excited about remembering what Easter is all about tomorrow. I’m going to passionately praise Him for purchasing my salvation through his death and resurrection. I may even leap for joy once or twice. What about you?

-Aaron Sobey

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