The Revelation Letters: Preparing Youth Groups for Christ’s Return

The 21st Century has brought about a great amount of excitement, fear and concern. We have entered a new millennium and many individuals want to know if the prophecies of the book of Revelation are about to unfold. Your students have questions about the future. THE REVELATION LETTERS provides some practical advice on how to live, individually as believers, and collectively as student ministries. The apostle John was permitted to see visions of the resurrected Jesus and then write letters to seven churches of Asia. Imagine if one of these churches had been your student ministry. What would John have said through the Holy Spirit? As a result of this six session study, your students will come to see the book of Revelation as not just a newspaper for the future, but a manual for today! A bonus simulation, The Underground Church, allows students to experience what it might be like for the persecuted church in the end times, then be ushered into a worship experience with the Lamb in Heaven.