Robertson McQuilkin and the Great Omission

Last week, while guest lecturing at Columbia International University, I had the privilege to have lunch with one of my heroes--Robertson McQuilkin, former president of CIU. I wrote about McQuilkin last week due to his courageous step to leave his career as a college president and care for his wife who was suffering from Alzheimers. As we spoke about that decision, he simply noted his actions were "normal" and that many people care for a spouse or loved one with Alzheimers. His position just made him more of a high profile caregiver.

A highlight of our visit was when McQuilkin signed my copy of his book The Great Omission.The thrust of the book is based on 5 reasons why nearly half the world has not heard the Gospel:

1. We (the church) don't care that much.
2. We don't see very well and certainly lack God's vision for the nations.
3. We think there must be some other way and that everyone will be eventually be saved.
4. We don't pray with power.
5. We're not listening and responding to God's call to make disciples of all of the nations.

I read this short book (not even 100 pages) my freshman year in college at N.C. State and God used it to challenge me to give my life so that every tribe and language and nation would have a chance to hear the Gospel. Even through several international moves over the past 20+ years, I've held onto to this little book. My prayer though is that I won't ever let go of the vision that it instilled in me. 

Dr. Ed Smithers
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies and Church History at Liberty University

How has Robertson influenced your perspective of missions? Share your thoughts below...

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