The Scope of Redemption

I once heard someone say, “God is able to redeem even our mistakes for His glory.”  In light of the recent passing of evangelical leader Chuck Colson, I understand more clearly the reality of that statement.

Colson, a convicted felon due to his involvement with the Watergate scandal, was incarcerated for seven months.  After his life was transformed by the truth of the gospel, he went on to found Prison Fellowship Ministries and authored several books on Christianity.  Many of Colson’s friends note the correlation between his effectiveness for God’s kingdom and his understanding of his own capacity for (and history of) sin.

God’s redeeming love is clearly woven throughout the fabric of Colson’s life.  It’s easy as CIU students to forget our desperate need of God’s grace, but I pray that we will be aware of our condition without Him, embrace fully what He freely offers, and live in gratitude for His grace – a grace that is able to redeem even our mistakes for His glory.

-Abbey Le Roy

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