Spotlight on Business and Organizational Leadership

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What jobs can you get with a Business and Organizational Leadership degree (or how can you use this degree)?

  • The Business & Organizational Leadership program prepares graduating students to serve the Lord in marketplace ministry, by working and behaving in such a way as to be living witnesses for the living God, as entrepreneurs or corporate executives in:

    • The traditional marketplace, within the United States or abroad,

    • Church and para-church activities, worldwide,

    • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), both nationally and internationally.

  What makes this program different at CIU?

  • The purpose of the Business and Organizational Leadership program is to prepare students for business environments where basic competencies in business, leadership, and organizational management are required. Combined with a major in Bible (providing ethical perspective) and basic skills for serving others, students completing the prescribed course of study are equipped for entry level positions in the marketplace of entrepreneurial and corporate America and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in North America and international settings.

  • Best practices, along with timeless principles of leadership and management, are taught so that graduates can develop basic skills and pursue additional specialized skills or graduate education.

  What skills are valuable for someone in this field?

  • A desire to serve others

  • A desire to develop competencies in business, leadership, and organizational management

  How will this degree/program help you personally?

  • You’ll develop:

    • Cross-cultural leadership skills in a globalized economy

    • An ethical and values-based perspective

    • A combination of business principles and real-life practical skills

  • In addition, you’ll be mentored by the best, practitioners who have been where you want to be and can show you how to get there. You name it. Dr. Benjamin Dean has done it. The private sector, the public sector. From ministry to the military. For-profit enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. He has even served at The White House. Now at CIU, Dr. Dean is passing on his wealth of experience to CIU students.