Spotlight on Youth Ministry, Family and Culture

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What jobs can you get with a Youth Ministry, Family and Culture degree (or how can you use this degree)?

  • Church Youth Pastor/Worker (middle school, high school, & college)

  • At Risk Youth at Department of Juvenile Justice or Group Homes

  • Urban/Inter-City Youth Ministry

  • International Youth Ministry with various mission agencies

  • Sports Ministry

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Athletes in Action

  • Para-church Youth Agencies

  • Young Life, Youth for Christ

  • Youth (& their families) at military bases around the world

  • Cadence International

  • International Schools

  • Resident Assistants, School Chaplin

  • Camp/Retreat Ministry

  • Director, Program Director

  • Wilderness Trip Leader

  • Outdoor Education Instructor

  • Challenge Course Director

  • Adventure Program Director

  • Wilderness Instructor

  What makes this program different at CIU?

  • The Youth Ministry, Family, and Culture major provides students with the knowledge and skills to reach the next generation by preparing them to evangelize and disciple youth and their families. It prepares students to serve as a youth pastor or youth worker in a variety of specialized settings.

  • In addition to the mission statement, general objectives, and requirements of the bachelor’s degree, the objectives of the Youth Ministry program are to enable students to:

    • Develop a biblical philosophy and strategy for ministering to students and families.

    • Understand contemporary issues and needs of students and their families.

    • Demonstrate necessary skills to evangelize students and families and nurture them toward mature Christian discipleship.

  What skills are valuable for someone in this field?

  • Love of scripture

  • Love of youth

  • Desire to nurture students and families toward mature Christianity

  How will this degree/program help you personally?

  • Mentoring by the professors inside and outside the classroom

  • Growth in studying, applying, and teaching the Bible

  • Variety of experiences working with youth in different settings