Stop Kony.

There's a trending topic on Twitter, a viral video on YouTube/Facebook, and everyone's definitely going to make this man famous.

From what I understand, Joseph Kony is a big part in sex trafficking and also forcing children into the military/war in Africa, this man is a monster and does need to be stopped. I am so proud of people for FINALLY speaking out about this issue and for making people aware, I think that is a great and wonderful thing.

My only thing is.......this kind of stuff isn't just in Africa......

It's everywhere. 

Did you know that the Super Bowl is a HUGE hunting ground for people involved in sex trafficking? This was the first year I heard about it and I know it's been going on for a while. Also, Nascar in Charlotte is a huge offender for sex trafficking as well. It's here in America, it's in Asia, it's in Australia, in Europe - it is literally EVERYWHERE.

I guess what I'm trying to say is yes, stop Kony. I truly believe that man needs to be put behind bars for what he's doing, but I also think we need to not forget that in our own country, there are people who are being put through the same kind of things. Something I've noticed, even in myself, is people get focused on this big thing - whether it be stopping a criminal, staying silent for a day for Invisible Children, not wearing shoes for TOMS awareness, etc - but when do we focus on the little things? Do we take time to reach out to those around us in our community or are we just focused on the big picture? The little things are what make up the big picture, not just the big picture itself. Think of it like this......a building has many different parts and requirements to it in order for it to be a building - you don't just set a brick down and say "Okay, here's the building you wanted!" No, you take one part at a time and build until the product is finished. 

That's what I'm trying to say - PLEASE keep getting the word out about Kony, but also don't be naive and ignorant to what's going on around us in our country, our state, our city, our town, our neighborhood. You'd be really surprised to see how many people are involved in this stuff that may live in your neighborhood or your town.

Let's make a difference by being aware of what's going on within a 50 mile radius of us, or closer. Let's pay attention to that situation we run into while we're out that seems a bit sketchy, for all you know, you could stop a big time predator like Kony here in the States and that will make a difference, even if it seems insignificant.

In Christ,
Damaris Bruce

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