A Summer of Cross-Cultural Ministry

School is out for the summer, but 13 Columbia International University students are finding it an ideal time for ministry.

The students are enrolled in the College of Intercultural Studies (CICS) internship program that integrates guided study and field experience in cross-cultural ministry under a CIU faculty mentor.

Amanda Keeny is serving two months in Odessa, Ukraine teaching English and partnering with a local youth group as a means to present the hope of Christ found in the gospel.

“The ICS internship program is great because it is tailored to the individual student and is based on (our) interests, calling, and skill set,” Keeny said.  “Because the internship must be at least six weeks long, it is an outstanding opportunity to be exposed to other cultures and get a clearer perspective on missionary life.”

The other interns are serving in Albania, Bolivia, Central Asia, Croatia, East Asia, France, Hungary, India, Macedonia, the Middle East, and Moldova.

-Abbey Le Roy

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