Wedding Fever

Summer is a busy season for love-struck CIU students and graduates as weddings take place almost every weekend.  Fittingly, there are many jokes about the number of relationships that spring up on the CIU campus, many of which end in marriage.

This weekend I am honored to be part of a dear friend’s wedding celebration.  Janae and Drew are an exceptional example of a couple whose hearts are set on honoring the Lord.  They have been together for almost four years and have let God set the pace of their relationship – and His grace and goodness have been displayed because of it.

Janae and I coached middle school girls’ basketball together for three seasons and were also part of the same small group.  She lives above reproach and radiates beauty – both internally and externally.  Because of her life, I know what a gentle and quiet spirit looks like (1 Peter 3:4) and I can grasp what it means to be a woman of strength and dignity (Proverbs 31:25).

Congratulations, Janae and Drew, and thank you for setting an example that the CIU community would do well to emulate.  Prayerfully, our relationships will be better having watched yours unfold.

(The blurry picture above is from the night Janae got engaged…such a fun evening!)

-Abbey Le Roy

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