A Winter Class that’s Longer than the Great Wall of China

8am-5pm is a long time. The Great Wall of China was probably built in that amount of time. I bet that’s all the time that Thomas Edison needed to invent the light bulb. Sitting in a class for that amount of time? That’s just crazy. But that’s exactly what I’m about to go through this week when I encounter the daunting task of going to a class for five straight days from 8am-5pm. This class is a one week intensive course that covers a semester’s worth of information in one week.

My mission? Survival. Class? Crisis Care-Children in Trauma. Exciting Teacher? Unknown. Whereabouts of Fellow Classmates? Unknown.   

The one thing I do know is that I dream of seeing tons of kids fall so in love with Jesus that they impact their friends and families with the truth of the Gospel. When I “grow up” I want to go into family ministry where I know I’ll be challenged by broken families and needy kids from backgrounds of divorce, abuse, and spiritual neglect. That’s why I’m excited about this class. I pray that God will use this class to transform my heart and mind so that I’ll be able to fight for those kids that he cares so deeply for. I pray that Jesus uses my knowledge from this class to encourage and help kids that have been ripped apart by the devil and his forces. I pray that God will challenge and inspire me in ways that I’ve never experienced before.

It’s incredible how CIU offered this class for $250. In “college currency” $250 is $2.50 because college costs thousands of dollars. This cheaper class cost will enable more students to strengthen their spiritual hearts and minds so that they’ll be used to bring healing to broken and needy kids. This new ability to help bring kids closer to their Great Healer, Jesus Christ, is definitely worth it for anyone going to a class from 8am-5pm!

-Aaron Sobey

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