Abbie Johnson

Abbie Johnson

Production Assistant

Abbie Johnson came to CIU for her undergraduate studies and decided to develop her skills as the Production Assistant for the Center of Educational Innovation and Development after she graduated. In CEID, Abbie is our graphic design, production, and media virtuoso (picture all your favorite superheroes rolled into one, add a tremendous wit, and you’ve got it!). When she’s not editing videos, designing logos, or shooting footage, Abbie freelances as a graphic designer and also enjoys taking the occasional break to play video games. Born into a creative family, Abbie learned how to use her imagination and knowledge to construct works of art at an early age. At CIU, Abbie loves to push the envelope in production and strives to ensure her work is the best it can be. She’s an inspiration to all of us in CEID, and we love watching her ideas come to fruition in a way greatly impacts the kingdom of God.

Fun Facts!

Favorite quote: “Your soul has a curious shape because it is a key to unlock one of the doors in the house with many mansions.” –C.S. Lewis

What she’d do with $1,000: buy a plane ticket to visit relatives who don’t live on the east coast

Hometown: Merritt Island, Florida

Aspiration: Animate a short film based on a friend’s short story