Brian Bohlman

Brian Bohlman

Master of Divinity, Educational Ministries, 2000, Columbia International University

Chaplain, Major, South Carolina Air National Guard

Professor of Chaplaincy Ministry, Liberty University Online

West Columbia, S.C.

"The tongue has the power of life and death" (Proverbs 18:21a).

Military Chaplain Brian L. Bohlman regularly witnesses Proverbs 18:21a in action through a non-profit “ministry of encouragement” he founded called Operation Thank You.

Bohlman began Operation Thank You in response members of the military who wondered if fellow Americans were supporting them and praying for them.  The organization prints and delivers get well and thank you cards to Americans serving in the military worldwide.  The cards are distributed to current and hospitalized troops, as well as past members of the military, to express gratitude and offer encouraging words.  But even more important, Bohlman says you never know how the card is going to impact someone for eternity.

“Because the cards are often kept and passed on to children, what God inspires you to write might be read again in 50 years,” Bohlman said.  “It’s like planting a seed with prayers and encouragement.”

More than one million Operation Thank You cards have been printed and distributed.  A wounded warrior in Germany received a get well card and claimed it was “the best medicine [he had] received all day,” illustrating Proverbs 25:25 – “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.”

Bohlman says establishing Operation Thank You taught him a lot about faith and trust.  He says “the importance of stepping out in faith when God gives you an idea” has been a monumental lesson in his life – one that he makes a habit of practicing and one that he challenges others to practice as well.

Bohlman and the many volunteers working alongside him understand that words are a powerful tool for communicating the truth of the gospel.  For that reason, they choose to be intentional in using their words to minister life and light in what are sometimes seemingly dead and dark situations.

For more on how God is using Chaplain Brian Bohlman to impact the military with the message of Christ, visit Operation Thank You