Chris Lampman

Chris Lampman

(803) 807-5364
Instruction Design Manager

Chris Lampman is originally from Hampton, Virginia, but moved to Columbia to attend CIU for his undergraduate studies. After receiving his B.S. in Intercultural Studies, Chris took a job at a local church working in the missions department, but we couldn’t let him get away that easily! In 2010, Chris came back to CIU to work in the Distance Education department, and he is now the Instructional Designer for the Center for Educational Innovation and Development. Along with working behind the scenes to help faculty and staff develop amazing courses here at CIU, Chris loves to spend time running, hiking, and landscaping (he’s quite biased in his love for chainsaws!). His favorite part of waking up in the morning is, without a doubt, coffee consumption! Chris’s desire to grow as a disciple of Christ is evident in his work and relationships at CIU, and we are thankful that we get to work alongside him on the CEID team.

Fun Facts!

Most frequently played music on his iPod: Anything by D.J. Tiesto

Least favorite chore: Cleaning the litter box

What he would do with $1,000: Take his family on vacation

Superpowers he’d like to have: Ability to be a super genius, ability to run around the world in one minute