Debby Reichel

Deborah Reichel

Debby Reichel
(803) 807-5159
Director of Curriculum and Ministry Resource Department

Born and reared in the windy city of Chicago, Debby went south for her college training graduating from Columbia Bible College. Just one year after completing her degree Debby found herself Columbia-bound once again. This time it was to join the staff for a two year commitment to work in what was then called the Visual Aids department as she waited on God for His direction into full-time ministry. Two years soon became three and then four. Now more than 30 years later Debby looks back and sees that what she had anticipated as being merely a step toward God's ultimate plan for her ministry was in reality God's place of service for her to use her training and experience in life-long ministry! With a heart for teaching the Word of God, as well as for the organization of resources Debby finds her position as Director of the Ministry Resource Department to be a perfect fit.

Working in conjunction with the Christian Service and education programs Debby has assisted in training and equipping thousands of students in creative Bible teaching. To keep her own skills sharp Debby has also served as a Bible teacher and librarian in outside ministries that include teacher training in both local and regional workshops; working for a summer in the library of a GEM Bible school in Germany; directing the children's program for Wycliffe branch conferences in both the States and Canada; and weekly Sunday School teaching in her local church.

For a hobby, Debby and her two cats enjoy back yard birding!

In recent years God has also given Debby a passion for Israel and the Jewish people. Several visits to Israel and a monthly prayer group with like minded friends give her the opportunity to stay in touch, praying for the salvation of God's chosen people and the peace of Jerusalem.

B.A. in Biblical education from Columbia Bible College; graduate courses in cataloging from the University of Utah and in Bible from Columbia Biblical Seminary.