Jim Schirmer

Jim Schirmer

Faculty Assistant

Jim Schirmer grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, and moved to Columbia in 1988 to attend seminary at CIU. He joined the CIU team as a seminary faculty assistant in 1990 and is now a faculty assistant for the Center for Educational Innovation and Development. As a faculty assistant, Jim works diligently to help students with their online courses and answer any questions that they have…which are quite common! When Jim is not tirelessly grading students’ work or responding to countless frantic emails, he pastors Heritage Presbyterian Church in West Columbia and also likes to play tennis and volleyball with friends and family. Jim and his wife Ann have five sons—four of whom are adopted—and know that God has called them to disciple the next generation. Jim’s heart for students and devotion to the Lord make an incredible impact not only here at CIU but everywhere God uses him.

Fun Facts!

Education: B.A. from Anderson University, M. Div. & M.A. from CIU, D. Min. from Reformed Theological Seminary

What he’d do with $1,000: buy some new books, a new bookcase, and a new tennis racket

Best part of waking up: reading Scripture and praying

Aspiration: write a book on discipleship in the family, learn a foreign language