Ted Holzmann

Ted Holzmann

Online Instructional Designer

Ted Holzmann was born in Berkeley, California, and has held a number of interesting job positions over the years: paperboy at Stanford University, shoe repairman at Wheaton College, Air Defense officer for the US Army, missionary in multiple countries, and many more! Ted received a B.S. in Pre-Med/Psychology from Wheaton, a M.S. in Biology from SUNY Buffalo, and a MDiv from Bethel Seminary! Since he wasn’t done learning yet, Ted eventually decided to come to CIU to pursue his doctorate degree, where he signed on as the Instructional Design Moodle Guru for CEID. Ted works to develop and design CIU courses for faculty and staff here at CIU…even though he is living in Bavaria, Germany, doing church-planting! During his down time, Ted enjoys flying box-kites, swimming in ocean surf, and running. Ted has no problem doing typical daily chores, but he tends to procrastinate when life necessitates a phone call (probably because he sits in on too many of our Google + department hangouts!). As he strives to open the eyes of those who do not see how lovely and worthy Jesus is, Ted also inspires all of us in CEID to do the same.

Fun Facts!

Most frequently played music on his iPod: A mix of instrumental smooth jazz

Aspiration: Berlin Marathon, 2013

Superpowers he’d like to have: Ability to read a book without opening it & ability to travel to different parallel universes

Best part of waking up: Hearing the birds sing