Intercultural Studies


The M.A. in Intercultural Studies prepares you for life, work, and ministry in an ever-changing, culturally diverse world. The program provides you with a focused knowledge of the tools and techniques needed to study cultures other than your own. You will engage in research and analysis that is informed by those disciplines and contributes to the ministry of those engaged in work among ethnic and cultural groups.


The M.A. in Intercultural studies will equip you to:

  • Demonstrate skill in identifying and analyzing cultural issues.
  • Evaluate current strategies regarding the global mission of God.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in cross-cultural analysis, research, and writing about the global mission of God.

In partnership with the New York City International Project, CIU students can complete much or perhaps all of the M.A. in Intercultural or Muslim Studies (program 2 only) while serving in an exciting church planting internship among Muslims and internationals in New York City. You may be enrolled full or part-time through CIU's Online Studies.    


Potential employment and service opportunities for graduates include:

  • Various diplomatic positions in U.S. embassies overseas
  • Military Chaplaincy Service
  • Mission Pastors
  • Ethnic Outreach Coordinators
  • Entry level positions in non-governmental organizations or transnational corporations
  • Marketing Specialists to specific groups
  • Academic Careers (The thesis option track of the M.A. in Intercultural Studies is designed to prepare you for further graduate work, especially a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies or a related discipline. With a Ph.D., you have the potential to teach at the college, seminary, and university level in North America and abroad.) 

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Featured Faculty: 
David Cashin, professor of Intercultural Studies at CIU David G. Cashin
Professor of Intercultural Studies

B.A., Gordon College; M.A., Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh; M.A., Ph.D., Stockholm University, Sweden

Trevor Castor Trevor Castor
Managing Director of the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies

B.A., Columbia International University; M.A., Columbia International University; PhD Candidate, Melbourne School of Theology

Photo of Victor Cuartas Victor Cuartas
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

D.Min. Regent University; Ph.D. Columbia International University

Ed Smither, Dean of the College of Intercultural Studies at CIU Ed Smither
Dean, College of Intercultural Studies

B.A., North Carolina State University; M.A., M.Div.,Liberty University; Ph.D., University of Wales-Trinity Saint David; Ph.D., University of Pretoria


Degree Title: 
Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies