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About the Zwemer Center

What the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies Offers

Our desire at the Center is to recapture the passion of Samuel Zwemer who had this to say in 1911: 'If the Churches of Christendom are to reach the Moslem World with the Gospel, they must know of it, and know it.' He called for 'deeper study of the problem, as well as more thorough preparation of its missionaries and a bolder faith in God, in order to solve it.


Every year the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies offers graduate-level courses through Columbia International University in Columbia, SC. Most classes are one-week intensives offered on campus in January and throughout the Summer, some are available online year-round, and a few are offered on-campus during the regular semester. All intensive courses may be taken as a seminar (non-credit) for only $250.We offer a Masters Degree in Muslim Studies as well. Click here or a current course list.

Consultation Services 

The Zwemer Center serves as a consulting agent for better understanding of Muslim people and culture. Although we primarily exist to equip the Church to reach Muslims, our experience and training is useful to anyone working in Muslim contexts. Zwemer is willing and able to send you a representative to teach a seminar on Understanding Islam. Our seminars will help dispel common misconceptions between Christians and Muslims resulting in a better relationship between Muslims and the West. Contact us for more information.

Church Seminars

The Zwemer Center can help train and equip your church:

  • Learn what Muslims believe
  • Discuss similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity
  • Understand the Qur'an
  • How to effectively share the gospel with Muslims in your community (they are there)
  • Understand Jihad and radical Islamists Theology

To request a Zwemer representative to come to your Church please email:

Muslim Studies Research Center

In partnership with the library of Columbia International University the Zwemer Center holds over 5000 volumes dedicated to Islam, its history, theology, language, and culture, and on Christian understanding of Islam in various contexts. The Center is a community of Christian scholars, teachers, and students devoted to Muslim-Christian relations.



Contact us:

Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies
(803) 807-5327