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Every year the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies offers graduate-level courses and seminars on Islam through Columbia International University in Columbia, SC. Most classes are one-week intensives offered on campus in January and throughout the Summer, some are available online year-round, and a few are offered on-campus during the regular semester. All intensive courses may also be taken as a seminar for $250 (non-credit). We do offer a Master Degree in Muslim Studies. View degree requirements.

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Summer 2014

ICS 6072 Responding to Muslim Concerns, June 16-20, 2014

ICS 60XX Understanding Muslim Identities, June 23-27, 2014

Online Courses

ICS 5020 Islam through Christian and Muslim Eyes 

ICS 6012 Islamic Theology

ICS 6051 Understanding Muslim Women

ICS 6071 Approaches to Muslims

ICS 6025 The Life of Muhammad

ICS 6013 The Spirit World of Islam

The classes may be taken for graduate course credit or as a seminar for pastors, missionaries, and others interested in the material. The fees are as follow:

Credit (contact admissions)

Seminar [no credit $250]


Please check here for local hotel options and ask about a CIU discount. On-campus housing is offered for summer 2013.  For dorm rates and availability (single students only) email housing requests to: For apartment rates and availability (married students) send requests to