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By Jordan Gottfried“We believe that you can’t have a strong body without a strong mind, that you can’t grow without pressure, that obstacles help shift our frame of reference and... Read More
CIU alumni Carlton Deal and Raphael Anzenberger
Columbia International University alumnus Dr. Raphael Anzenberger had the unique opportunity of addressing the 2018 European Prayer Breakfast held in Brussels, Belgium in December. The annual event... Read More
Joanna Railey, Grace Hipp and Essie McCurdy celebrate Christmas at CIU.
By Ireland Kost and Bob HolmesColumbia International University students mingled with over 550 faculty and staff members of CIU and Ben Lippen School and their families at a huge night time outdoor... Read More
Here is good news for Virginia College students! Columbia International University is ready to assist you in the transferring of your credits toward appropriate CIU programs.Virginia College closed... Read More
Alanna Batterman ministered to refugees living in the Columbia area.
By Naomi BalkCIU Student WriterAs Columbia International University senior Emma Grace Ballentine was being served food by her Malaysian hostess, she sensed something was wrong.“She was burning her... Read More
Jonathan Johnson with the Atlanta Braves
Columbia International University is excited to announce that former Major League pitcher Jonathan Johnson will be the head coach of the new CIU baseball program scheduled to begin in fall 2019.... Read More
Dr. Michael Johnson
Dr. Michael Johnson once wrote that Columbia International University “provided a vision of education that has shaped even the smallest details of my experience.”Johnson’s vision of education will... Read More
Ram-Falcon 5K Challenge
By Ireland KostCIU Student WriterAs 13-year-old Emma Martin warmed up for the Ram-Falcon 5K Challenge, she said she had never run on a Mondotrack.“But I’m excited to see how it turns out... Read More
Topping Off William H. Jones Global Business & IT Center at CIU
Construction of new Global Business and IT Center progressing
By Naomi Balk and Bob Holmes
Columbia International University and Mashburn Construction celebrated a time-honored building tradition... Read More
Dancing at the CIU Hoedown
By Ireland KostCIU Student WriterPartners twirl in a circle, friends sing by a bonfire, competitors bob for apples, and the 2018 CIU Hoedown is underway!As the sun sets over campus, students at... Read More
CIU students pick up trash near Monticello Road
By Naomi Balk and Ireland KostCIU Student WritersThe mission of Columbia International University is to educate people from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the message of Christ. And... Read More
Kyle Jones
Recent graduates offer advice in panel discussionBy Naomi BalkCIU student writerKyle Jones just graduated from Columbia International University last May. But as a budding entrepreneur, he had the... Read More