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"Florence Welcome Party" at CIU featured free donuts
The musings of student writers Naomi Balk and Joseph Knight during Hurricane FlorenceI was in the Library when we found out that classes were cancelled for the rest of the week. The governor had... Read More
CIU President Dr. Mark Smith at convocation 2018
President Mark Smith delivers first message in renovated Shortess ChapelBy Naomi BalkCIU Student WriterColumbia International University Dean Dr. Bryan Beyer blew the shofar as the sound resounded... Read More
Columbia International University is ranked #1 among colleges and universities in South Carolina by website’s rankings are intended to inform and guide prospective students... Read More
The House of Virtus
By Naomi BalkCIU Student WriterHoke Auditorium could hardly contain the energy at the 2018 Throwdown signally the beginning of the annual House Collective.The Throwdown is a series of competitive... Read More
CIU students take part in Monticello Road clean up.
Columbia International University students got up a little early on a Saturday morning recently and joined hands with community members as they worked to beautify the Monticello Road corridor leading... Read More
The book of Ecclesiastes reminds us that “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven” including “A time to tear down and a... Read More
CIU students chat outside the renovated Fisher Building.
The fall enrollment numbers are in and Columbia International University is blessed with an increasing number of students to be educated from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the... Read More
Tie Dye at CIU Soccer.
By Naomi Balk
CIU Student Writer
Welcome Week introduced new CIU students to life on campus and involved them in creative activities. The warm reception was greatly appreciated by the freshmen and... Read More
By Bob Holmes“What do you think of the renovated Fisher Building?” asked the professor.“Wonderful!” shouted one student. Others applauded. Some never stopped smiling from the... Read More
Move-In Greeting at CIU
Move-In day: A new homeBy Naomi BalkCIU Student WriterThe Class of 2022 and transfer students moved into the Columbia International University residence halls on Aug. 22 with no shortages of firsts:... Read More
Amy Dubois
After thousands of dollars in equipment was stolen from her church, CIU Business Professor Amy Dubois prays that whoever took it will understand that it was wrong and come to salvation through Jesus... Read More
Kevin and Lainie McWilliams
CIU couple celebrating 40 years of marriage and a 40-year class reunionBy Bob HolmesKevin and Lainie McWilliams recall that DTR moment in their lives. It was April 4, 1977 when they sat on a bench at... Read More