“Worthy” Conference Draws Over 800 Young Ladies to CIU

September 12, 2011

By Abbey Le Roy

CIU Student Writer  

A diverse group of mostly 800 teenage girls, gathered on the campus of Columbia International University for “Worthy” – a one-day conference focused on how to become the woman God intended.

The name for the Sept. 10 event came from the Bible’s book of Ruth.  In Ruth 3:11, Ruth is commended by Boaz for her character with the words, “all my fellow townsmen know that you are a worthy woman.”  

With humor and conviction, Debby Jones, wife of CIU president Dr. Bill Jones, explained that God is the One who created us with the desire to be loved.  Using her book “Lady in Waiting” as a guide, Jones challenged attendees to develop a healthy self-image by cultivating a deep relationship with the Lord.

In three sessions defining a worthy relationship, a worthy love, and a worthy life, Jones illustrated the truth that God is love, and no one else is capable of loving like He does.

“When we put Him first,” said Jones, “everything else – every other relationship – is handled by Him.”

Dawndy Mercer Plank, a popular TV news anchor in Columbia emceed the event.

Plank, sharing the story of her painful divorce, told the audience, “Love is great when God is your first love.” 

“Worthy” opened the door for healthy dialogue about important issues such as biblical self-worth and God-honoring relationships.

“I’ve been desperate for an opportunity to talk to my daughter about this topic,” said one mom after the event ended.  “What Debby and Dawndy shared has my daughter asking questions that I know will give us the chance to continue the conversation we started today.”