Acoustarockarappapaloozastockfest 2013

April 08, 2013

CIU Talent in the Spotlight

A Review by

Melissa McCutchan

CIU Student Writer

Pronouncing the name of Columbia International University’s annual talent show is a challenge: Acoustarockarappapaloozastockfest. The title lends itself to many musical styles – and the 2013 edition lived up to its name.

Even the first act was full of musical diversity. Sophomore Caleb Hamilton performed a piano medley he composed, easily sliding from classical pieces to well-known pop songs, and concluded with the hymn “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”

“It’s a reminder that even as we engage in the culture, we still turn our eyes to Him,” Hamilton said.

To say the show attracted a wide variety of talent would be an understatement.  From French horn accompaniment to classical Irish songs played by harp, CIU students showed their diverse talents in a way that had the audience engaged from start to finish.

Other highlights from the night included Rufus Afropong’s rendition of the Chris Tomlin song, “I Will Rise.” His humble, raw talent left the audience to meditate on the grace of God.

Perhaps the audience favorite for the night was “Love Medley,” performed and arranged by brother and sister Jeremy and Courtney Reasoner, and Kyle Stikeleather. The three-part harmony wowed the audience, and it was easy for everyone to enjoy the song, because it was obvious the performers were enjoying themselves.

“It was really nice to have an opportunity to sing with my brother,” Courtney said. “It was also really fun to see the audience responding like they did.”

Another highlight was the “Nerdettes,” a group of women who donned suspenders and high socks to perform a hip-hop dance. Despite the geeky attire, the women are talented dancers.

Overall, Acoustarockarappapalooza put some of CIU’s hidden talents in the spotlight.The performance was not always perfectly polished, but it was engaging and it showed the spirit of CIU: talented, humorous, and glorifying to God.