And They're Off! CIU Begins House Collective with Kickoff Event

September 14, 2017

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer

The second year of CIU's new House Collective competition got underway in early September with a time of food, fellowship and fun at the House Kickoff. The main event at the Kickoff was the Throwdown as the six houses performed skits, songs, choreography, and anything else that might win them the most house points from a panel of faculty judges.  

“The House Throwdown was a great start to the year (as) each house displayed their unity and spirit through the competition,” said senior Mark Gossage, from the House of Justitia. “It was a fun night for sure!”

All six of the houses employed unique performances, including an intense choreography routine, a parody of a popular movie, and even a rap.

“We loved being together and enjoying the hyped atmosphere of the Throwdown itself,” said junior Abigail Cotton, from the House of Veritas.

The top three acts were awarded varying levels of house points, giving them a head start on the competition. The House of Virtus asked the question, “What are your professors thinking?” As students imitated various professors lecturing, a song would suddenly play conveying what was on their mind at the moment. The judges loved the parody, and Virtus took third place.

“This year was great!” said sophomore David Atkinson, from Virtus.

The House of Sapientia performed a thoughtful play about students searching for wisdom, and failing to find it in every area of life, until they realize that it comes from Jesus. The judges were blown away by the depth and heart of the sketch, and Sapientia came in second place.

“Sapientia really came together with our performance,” said senior Sam Norris. “We really enjoyed interacting with other houses and showing them what we've got.”

The top act of the night, however, came from the House of Dignitas, who won the House Cup last year. Their high-energy choreography routine was set to a montage of current pop music, but with rewritten lyrics that expressed Dignitas' personality and message as the House of Dignity. The judges awarded them first place, giving them a head start in the house competition.

“I loved the bonding and the fellowship,” said junior Elisa Pinkerton, from Dignitas. “I felt like practicing for this really brought our house closer together.”