Authority of Scripture: Truth that Brings Change

October 31, 2016

By Janai Tedder

CIU Student Writer

Engraved on stones on the campus of Columbia International University are the school’s foundational five core values: Authority of Scripture, Victorious Christian Living, World Evangelization, Prayer & Faith, and Evangelical Unity. The week of Oct. 24 focused on the first of those foundation stones, emphasizing the importance of the Bible.

The guest speaker for the week was Dr. Constantine (Con) R. Campbell, associate professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois. Campbell is also a pastor, author and musician. Using Romans 6 and Ephesians 2, Campbell focused on how believers are unified with Christ in His death and resurrection, and how that is foundational to salvation.

“I want to let the truth of being with Him change the way you think,” Campbell said. “You are saved by grace and not because of your performance but do you really know that?”

Students resonated with Campbell as he described how people are living in sin and death and our desperate need for grace because of it.

“When we choose to follow Jesus, and die to our sins, our master is now Jesus Christ,” junior Alanna Batterman, said. “Our old master, sin and death, has no right to demand our allegiance, because we have been brought into the kingdom of light,”

For senior Naomi Reed, the Authority of Scripture is important because it is a guideline for daily living. She also appreciated Campbell’s reminders about grace.

“It really struck me when he gave the analogy of having a painting in the hallway of your house,” Reed said. “You pass it every day and when it’s new you stop to admire it. Eventually, it becomes old to you and you just stop looking at it and it’s the same way with grace. At first, we’re excited about it but as time goes on we forget about it and maybe even take advantage of it.”

“We must not take advantage of the grace we have been given,” Reed continued. “But be thankful for it because of what Christ has done.”

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