Challenges and Champions: CIU's Annual Sadie Hawkins Field Day

March 23, 2016

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer

It’s a rite of spring at Columbia International University. The ladies of the student body have the opportunity to ask the men to participate with them in an afternoon of zany competition known as the Sadie Hawkins Field Day. This year, in teams of two couples, they participated contests ranging from baby food taste-testing to dodge ball using wadded-up socks as balls.

To show spirit, each team dressed in matching colors. Representatives from all classes, from freshmen to seniors, and even some graduate students, rose to the occasion with some creative outfits.

“I loved seeing the creative costumes of all the teams!” said sophomore Caroline Crabtree. “It was a super-fun and unifying event for the student body.”

One of the most unique events was called Bubble-Ball soccer, in which participants inserted themselves into giant rubber balls, and with only their feet protruding, proceeded to attempt a game of soccer while also trying to keep their balance.

“Sadie was an awesome time to have fun with my team and do crazy activities with them,” said sophomore Mark Gossage.

After fierce competition from all the teams, the two finalists faced one last challenge. The teams inserted themselves into the Bubble-Balls and tried to stay standing, while knocking their opponents over until one person was standing, representing the winning team.

“I love campus-wide events like Sadie,” said sophomore Heather Hoopes. “Sadie was … a time for fantastic memories to be made by all.”

And whether the students were new to CIU or preparing to graduate, all of them were able to have fun and strengthen friendships with one another.

“It was a great way to finish my senior year,” said senior Mitch Gebel.