The CIU 1More Tour Comes Home

August 05, 2011

By Abbey Le Roy

CIU Student Writer 

After spending the summer bicycling up the East Coast, the Columbia International University 1More Tour team was welcomed home by a group of proud fans.

A crowd of CIU students and faculty gathered in the Moore Fitness Center on Aug. 1 to hear testimonies from the five cyclists comprised of four CIU students and one CIU alumnus.  The team shared about the great things the Lord did over the summer as they sought to recruit 1More student, reconnect with 1More graduate, and share God’s love with 1More person.  The tour started in Florida on June 6 and ended on July 27 in Maine.  

“The Lord was glorified in this,” said Michelle MacGregor, director of recruitment relations.  MacGregor coordinated and provided oversight for the tour both this year and last.

1More Tour rider Drew Williams, a student in CIU Seminary & School of Ministry, voiced the sentiments of the whole team. 

“I was amazed by the connection we had with people because of Christ,” Williams said.  “We really got to see the Body at work, and that had a huge impact on me.”

Associate director of Alumni Ministries, Morgan Jones is an advocate of the tour and opportunities like it. 

“We need to continue letting students impact people in non-traditional ways,” Jones said.  “Students are going to reach more students.”

“It’s a tremendous task,” said Rick Swift, dean of students. “But I’m so proud of the team for all they did this summer.  It’s more than just riding a bike.  They represented Christ and CIU, and they did both well.”