CIU Alumni Are Beauty and the Beast

July 26, 2018

Popular Columbia theatre also casts two CIU alumni brother-sister duos

Two sets of brother-sister alumni are playing major roles in a theatre production of the classic tale of “Beauty and the Beast” at Columbia’s Town Theatre.  

Courtney Reasoner (’16) plays the role of “Belle,” the beauty in the story, and her brother Jeremy Reasoner (’15) plays the Beast.

Courtney shares her role on alternate performances with CIU alumna Emily Moore (’17), while Moore’s brother, Jacob Calder (‘15) is also in the musical in the role of the Beast's maitre'd Lumiere who is turned into a candelabra.

CIU alumna Sarah Strobolakos (’14) has a supporting role in the production.

The Town Theatre is well-known in Columbia for its family-oriented plays and musicals. The State newspaper of Columbia recently highlighted “Beauty and the Beast” in their Go Columbia magazine that included an interview with Jeremy Reasoner. Read “Town Theatre invites you to be their guest at ‘Beauty and the Beast.’”

CIU offers opportunities for students to get their start in theatre with student-led productions.

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