CIU Alumnus Creates Board Games as Ministry

August 17, 2011

In these days of the Wii, Game Boy and other high tech entertainment, a Columbia International University alumnus has discovered creating new board games is a hit in Germany.  Jeff Allers, a 1999 graduate of CIU Seminary & School of Ministry is an architect by trade.  He uses his skills and his heart for ministry to create board games to connect with youth in Germany where board games are popular.         

Allers is originally from Fort Dodge, Iowa.  On a recent trip back home to visit his parents, Allers game-making skills made him the subject of a local newspaper article.  You can read about Allers in the The Messenger at:

Note a couple corrections to this story.  Columbia International University has five colleges that offer undergraduate, graduate, and seminary degrees.   CIU is multidenominational and not affiliated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church.