CIU Announces Administrative Appointments, New Colleges

April 08, 2010

Columbia International University President Dr. Bill Jones has announced a number of administrative appointments, and the addition of three new colleges within the university.

The new College of Counseling will be led by associate dean, Dr. Harvey Payne, while Dr. Milt Uecker will lead the College of Education as associate dean and Dr. Michael Barnett will lead the College of Intercultural Studies as associate dean.

Jones says the new colleges and appointments will give students enrolled in the CIU Undergraduate Program, Graduate Program and Seminary & School of Missions, opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge and wisdom offered by an experienced faculty. The restructuring is also consistent with the school's vision of using the biblical university model to equip its students for serving in ministry, missions, and the marketplace.

"Our professors have superior academic credentials and are actively involved in their field of expertise," Jones said. "We want our students at all degree levels to benefit from what they have to offer."

Other new appointments include: Dr. Ron Kroll as the director of the Ed.D. Program and Mr. Rob McDole as the director of Distance Education and Media Development.