CIU Education Students Cap Off Summer Intensives

July 01, 2011

Graduate students in the Columbia International University School of Education “capped off” weeks of intensive summer studies with a bit of fun.   Students who are finishing their on-campus studies toward graduate-level Education degrees are recognized and “capped” in a traditional tongue-in-cheek ceremony by the associate dean of the College of Education.  Calling it “rational nonsense,” this year outgoing College of Education Associate Dean Dr. Milt Uecker ceremoniously place a baseball-style cap on the head of each of the qualifying students.    

Uecker also took a necklace of beads from around his neck and placed them over the head of the new College of Education Associate Dean, Dr. Connie Mitchell, calling them “The Beads of Authority.”  Uecker will continue as an adjunct professor at CIU.     

In a surprise to everyone, new CIU Provost Dr. Jim Lanpher was also capped – with a Navy captain’s cap.  Uecker called it the installation of “our new high commander in chief over all academics at CIU.”      

Because the weeks of summer classes involve hours of hard study, the capping is a welcome break.  Quoting from one of his own mentors, Uecker told the group, “We have to take laughter into our schools – we’re much too serious.  Take laughter back to the classroom with you.”